We don’t believe in cookie cutter packages…

Meaning you will receive a creative package tailored to your individual needs and based on our expert recommendations.
Want to know more about what we offer? View our creative service menu below. 



Before we get into it you may be asking…Who are these services for exactly?

Whether you are looking to launch a new brand, are an established business needing a face lift or a fresh injection of content or looking to create a killer campaign for a new product/service our creative packages help close the gap between your creative desires and your current creative output.




Brand identity & strategy:
Before we make you look and sound good we need to uncover the stand out qualities that already make your brand unique. 

What to expect initially: Through an in depth conversation, we will work through your creative pain points, identify your place in the current market and clarify your brand identity in order to set a clear vision for your brand going forward. Prepare yourself to leave your initial consultation feeling equipped with a roadmap of potential next steps to see your creative vision communicated across all your digital touch points. 


E N G A G E 


Photography and videography:
Whether shooting products, lifestyle, interiors, brand story, or general content creation we produce content that will build an overall visual identity for your brand and help you stand out from the crowd (in the best kind of way). Send us your products to style and shoot within our studio, or request to have us source out a spunky location to conduct a photoshoot off-site (side note - we love to travel and no idea is too wild for us to consider so don’t hold back). 

Styling and creative direction:
We love to style up a storm when it comes to creating dynamic visuals for your brand. Our specialty is pairing styling with photography/videography. This allows us to be across the whole visual process (from concept -> photoshoot -> post production) in order to create cohesive, stand out visuals that give you an edge over your competition and positively impact brand leads and conversions. 

Copywriting: Need to sharpen up your website word game? Want social media captions that generate engagement? Unsure how to tell your brand story? Not sure where to begin when it comes to writing blogs? (cue big deep breath in). Relax (breath out)… we’ve got it sorted. In a particularly noisy digital world our clients attention is hot property and therefore our words matter. We help you capture and hold the attention of your target market through savvy copy that is not only concise and well thought out but helps you form a personal connection with your client. Articulate why you are the missing link to satisfying the need they never knew they had and link arms with them along the journey to win their consumer loyalty for the long run. 

Website: Need a website make-over or looking to create a new one? We customise templates through our good-ol faithful Sqaurespace or can make re-edits to your existing site. This can include anything from auditing your current website to making you a website from scratch (including writing engaging, succinct copy to sit alongside your visual content).




Social Media: So you have received a whole lot of beautiful curated content from us and now you’re sitting there with an overflowing photo album wondering what to do with it all…

Don’t fret, we are here to handle that too. The roll out stage is critical to ensuring the content we produce for you packs a punch when it is released into the world (or maybe you already have content you want to release from prior to meeting us…that’s cool too we can roll with that). 

Allow us to teach you how to grace the digital sphere with your content in the right place, at the right time, in the right way. We believe the content we produce should have a longer life cycle then just one post so we teach you how to repurpose and recycle content to ensure it’s life is as big and grand as we intend for it to be. We can schedule and manage the release of your content for you on a one-off basis or long term. Enquire within to discuss further.