My career in Design all started when... I was in my last year of uni and was offered a Junior designer role with NZ mags, designing across magazines like Girlfriend, Crème and New Idea etc. It was my first introduction to the world of editorial graphic design/art direction.

Currently... I work as the Senior Designer across three international retail brands, Mi Piaci, Merchant 1948, and Deuce sneakers which all sit under the umbrella company Overland.

My day usually starts with... a walk from the Overland HQ in New Market to a local coffee shop who make the best triple shot coffee I’ve found. Then I like to jot down in my daily planner what my priorities are for the day, cross off any to-do’s I’ve now completed, and re-work my workflow depending on how the company traded the day before. I usually have to art direct a shoot or concept how we can show the release of a new collection in store. Currently I’m designing our SS18 catalogues from our new summer campaigns which will be released soon. My days are long and packed full, as retail moves quick and as an in-house creative team you’re always on your toes with something to do, but I thrive off of a tight deadline and big projects!


I approach a creative process by... taking time to play, be inspired, research; something as simple as a colour palette might inspire a design/illustration. Sometimes I put my pen to paper and just start drawing - not knowing what might come of it - other times I can picture exactly how I want it to look and work towards that vision.

True style to me personally... is something you craft yourself, it’s a vibe curated from your own personal taste. Style is a collective of your chosen aesthetic - it doesn’t matter whether it comes from the op-shop or a Luxury brand. It is whatever you like and it works together cohesively to represent who you are.

What gives me energy everyday is... my family, my friends, my love of what I do in my career...

...Life is such a blessing and I always try to frame events with perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and mundane and let life feel like it’s on top of you. When I feel like that I like to stop and be present in the small moments - when the sun hits my face walking, time with a friend engaged in loving them or belting out some Adele on a drive to work. Being thankful for the small gives me energy.

The greatest challenge I am facing is... my want to do all of the creative personal projects I’ve had in mind VS fighting the urge to not want to sit at another desk looking at another computer when I get home from work - I wish you could walk and design!!

If I could let your younger self in on some words of wisdom it would be... that Mum does pass away but you’ll be okay and everything will work out, just hold your head up and trust your instincts - you’ll get through it.

The Vintage Community is... a place where I don’t have to answer copious amounts of questions about how I look, because they get it :)

My two dogs Barlow and Inka... Make my house a home.

When people leave my company I want them to feel... Inspired, loved, and full of hope.

The 3 most important values I live by are... Integrity, compassion, and authenticity.

Home means... Home used to be where we grew up, it was fixed and relative to a house and a street...

...But I’ve started to see home as more of a fluid concept. Home is where my friends and family are- it’s where I unwind and feel at peace. Home is where I laugh, I cry, I love, I cook and I host those I love.


Middle Photo By Theo Leach
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