My journey to being a Nutritionist/Dietitian, health content creator and social influencer… has been challenging, exciting & rewarding and a big learning process. Being one of the first Dietitians to build a big presence on Instagram, I didn’t have any examples to follow and had to learn things by trial and error as I went. It’s been challenging but very rewarding. I receive a lot of positive feedback from my followers on a daily basis and I’ve been to speak at National Conferences educating other Dietitians on how to build their online presence. 

My day to day consists of… writing health content, analysing nutrition research, taking photos, testing recipes and making YouTube videos for my channel

The most challenging part of my job is… always learning. Nutrition and Dietetics is an ever evolving field with new health research coming out every day! Staying on top of it can be challenging. 

Being a prominent figure on social media it is important to me that… I set a good example for my followers and only publish credible, science-based info.


The deeper purpose for the work I do is… to help people live healthier lives and enjoy the life they were placed on this earth by God to live. 

I want women to… feel happy. 

Health to me means… choosing to nourish your body, enjoying food, moving your body and being healthy - physically AND mentally. 

My favourite recipe creation to date is… my Healthy Banana Cake. It’s been re-created thousands of times by my followers.

Some people might not know that… I’m really short! I’m only 5 subways tall. 

True style means… being confident in anything. 

3 values I aim to live by in my life are… faith, hope, Love.

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