My love of design started when… I became interested in spaces — the way that objects were curated within the space...

...but more so, how the space felt; how I felt in the space.

I think this comes down to moving house and viewing 'open homes' a lot when I was a child. I subconsciously became more curious the more homes we visited and lived in. At school I was introduced to 'photography', which put a huge emphasis on framing a space and creating spatial compositions. I then took 'design' classes, which introduced me to how image and text work together within a 2-dimensional space.

It's honestly only in the last few months that I've actually realised that this idea of space was an aspect of design I was most interested by. Naturally, this has led me to now study Interior Design. I'm currently working on a project which focuses and explores this idea further, combining graphic design, photography and interior design.

I hope to create work that...Provides an experience, and perhaps a new way of seeing. In the last few months my perspective (on life in general) has changed immensely, and I want my work to imbue this. 

When I am creating for a client I want them to know...That it is collaborative. As a creative, you really need to gain trust from the client. Once you’ve gained that trust, you’re able to create work with them. As a freelancer, this is really important to me. 

To me purpose is...Learning to just exist...'ll find it, you'll feel it, you'll know.
In fact, I cried for a good hour in the moment that I knew.

I am currently inspired by... Landscapes, specifically the vastness of it.


I am the kind of friend who... Always laughs at your jokes. They don’t even have to be funny jokes, so no pressure!

To me social media is... A form of visual expression. But also a place and opportunity to connect with like minded people.

Someone I look up to who represents true style is... My two younger sisters, they inspire me.

I feel most engaged when... I'm creating. I can't specifically describe the feeling, but I know it genuinely fills me with joy.

Challenges I am currently facing are... Running a business and studying alongside this. There is never enough time in a day, but there is always tomorrow.

An important part of feeling like you belong in any community is... Being yourself, and sharing the real 'you' with others.

At the end of each day I want to feel... Present. I just finished reading a book by Eckhart Tolle. A point that resonated with me was..."Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have." After loosing my dad at the beginning of the year, I can’t express how true this really is.


All Original Photography by Kirsty Dawn. Top and Bottom Photo Styled by Michelle Halford for Tessuti & Liang Home

View more of Kirsty's work here

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