I want to start by telling you to start. Just start…... Please start.

The world really needs what you have to offer. And boy oh boy, you have a lot to offer.

I used to be paralyzed by perfection, also known as: The biggest load of crock and the biggest time waster to getting anything done. Sure, strive for excellence in the things that you do, but it doesn’t have to be perfect; what even is that?
So, all of those things you’re thinking need to be in order or lined up before you start….they probably don’t. Put your foot in the door; put yourself out there; you will figure it out along the way.

The people in your sphere of influence will miss out if you don’t begin to do the things on your heart, with what’s in your hands right now.

Yeah it’s messy. Life is. But beautiful (often unexpected) things happen in the midst of the colorful mess. That’s where all the excitement comes from, that’s where whimsy and curiosity is cultivated. And within this adventure comes a whole lot of growth - which in my opinion is what keeps us alive….not just existing, but really living.

However, in saying all of this, I know it can be hard to know where or how to start. So maybe I can offer a few ideas around this to encourage you in your step.

  1. WHY: Ask yourself what is the why behind the things you want to do. Write a list (oooooh I love a good list) about the benefits of doing this thing: Will it give you or others energy? Will it encourage you or someone else along the way? Will it help you up-skill or develop? Will it bring you or others joy? Write it all down, because this list will give you drive to make the start, and motivation to keep you going once you begin.

  2. PLAN: Put a plan in place to force you to do the things you’re telling yourself you’ll get around to. Sometimes I make commitments knowing that i’m not entirely prepared for them, in order to make myself get prepared. There is nothing like a good deadline to make things happen.

  3. PROGRESS IS PERSONAL: Don’t compare timing and progress with someone else. You might be in your chapter one, looking at someone doing something similar but in their chapter 8. You walk out your own timeline and progress is marked by your own steps. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Be inspired by others and encouraged by their achievements, but be wary of looking at another persons journey for a measure of success or even the “right” path to follow, because their path simply wasn’t meant for you. Keep engaged in your own story.

  4. GROWTH: Honestly, I think most people start out with little idea about what they are doing. There’s a bit (or a lot) of fumbling through to begin with. Clarity comes with doing. Direction comes with testing out the path. Learn to pivot if something isn’t working or doesn’t feel like the right direction to be travelling. Accept that you will “fail”, which is the greatest and best thing you can do for progress and refinement. Do not be afraid to fail - view it as opportunity to grow. See it as something essential to learning and it will become less of a threat (by the way I believe we should be lifetime learners). Some people will never start because they are afraid to fail. Chuck that mindset out the window now and give the damn thing a go. I’m backing you.

And lastly after you start, keep going. Try new ways of doing things. Gather together with people to mull over thoughts and test out ideas. Collaborate. Be open to guidance. Practice over and over. Keep filling up the inspiration tank to keep you going. Do and do, again and again.

You never know what this “thing” might look like down the track. But you won’t have anything to look back at unless you start.

Please start.



Hannah DarkinsComment