★★ Hello ★★

I’m so glad you have popped by.

What brings me the most joy is what we can do together,
when we share our stories and our experiences with one
another in a moment of authenticity and connection.

Yes, your story is important;
It has the potential to influence someones world in a very real way.
The way you do life;
The way you feel;
The way you make meaning out of your experiences,
Is so valuable.

Keep your curious spirit alive.
Keep seeing; being; creating and loving,
In the way only you can.


Hannah’s passion for storytelling comes in many forms and has
developed into the creative studio called The Unfold.
As a diverse creative with a background in
Events, Styling, Floristry, Social Media + Content Creation
Hannah has combined these skills to help brands tell their story
through intentional and meaningful content.